Art Exhibitions by Piag Museum

Our Museum is very unique.

In our special outside events The “Earth and Water, our planet, our life” project, based on the theme “Our Environment”, has been designed to create awareness to the need to protect our planet. To this effect, we have the participation from artists, writers, poets, photographers, and other individuals who would be willing to artistically express their concerns and ideas for a better future.


In regard to the artwork, the cubes are made from non toxic floating material, to create his/her statement. The floating cubes can be exhibited on lakes, pools or other confine water bodies for the enjoyment, and reflection of all member of the community.
The objective is to educate our community, aiming to create awareness and stimulate individual and group assessments of environmental issues affecting our quality of life and that of our future generations.


This idea has already being the focus of attention of the TV news media and prestigious organizations such as the “Sexto Dialogo Gestion del Agua, Guatemala”, Miami Dade Cultural Center, The Pelican Island, St. Thomas University, Epcot Center/Disney and Fairchild Botanical Tropical Gardens who have supported and directly participated in some of these Art events that have proven to be successful in achieving the intended objectives.

We have plans on continuing this floating cubes events in all USA and worldwide.

If you are interested in participating in our special events call us 305-443-0770 or write to: